Complete Pompeii

The Complete Pompeii

  1. Joanne Berry
  • ISBN 9780500290927
  • 25.40 x 19.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 256pp
  • 318 Illustrations, 275 in colour
  • First published 2013

The richly illustrated, authoritative account of the world’s best-preserved ancient city: comprehensive and up-to-date

‘Dazzling . . . an excellent companion’ – The New York Times
‘A triumph, a must for everyone interested in the most famous site of the ancient world. Beautifully written and magnificently illustrated, packed with fascinating information … Berry talks about Pompeii’s people, history, religion, society, art, culture and economic activity with a unique vividness, depth and breadth’ – The Sunday Telegraph
‘An ideal introduction to one of the world’s great classical sites’ 
– The Sunday Times
‘Highly readable and lavishly illustrated … a boon for archaeology buffs’ 
– Publishers Weekly
‘Closely written, lavishly illustrated and aptly titled … from the moment you open the book you are assailed with images of this doomed city … Now, for an authentic taste of life in Pompeii you don’t need to fly to Italy and visit the site. Just read this book’ – Minerva

• Lavish illustrations
• Research since Pompeii was unearthed
• Daily lives and deaths of its people
• The internal politics
• Architecture, decoration and objects of daily life
• Religion from the Roman gods to the exotic cult of Isis
• Economic Life from production, through shopping to long-distance trade
• Features range from theatre to water supply
• Comprehensive tables of information

Joanne Berry teaches ancient history and archaeology at Swansea University. Pompeii has been the focus of her research for the past twenty years, and 
she has participated in several international projects at the site. She is the 
co-author, with Nigel Pollard, of The Complete Roman Legions, also published 
by Thames & Hudson.