The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt

The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt

  1. Aidan Dodson
  2. Dyan Hilton
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  • ISBN 9780500288573
  • 25.40 x 19.20 cm
  • Paperback
  • 320pp
  • With over 300 illustrations, 90 in colour
  • First published 2010
‘Judicious, clear and concise ... a standard reference work on Egyptian royalty’ – Egyptian Archaeology
‘A remarkable achievement ... will find a ready home in every Egyptophile’s library’ – Minerva
'… much more than just a reference book, for it can be read and enjoyed in its own right – Ancient Egypt

• Lists and describes more than 1,300 members of the Egyptian royal houses over 3,000 years
• 27 specially conceived genealogical tables show the interconnections between members of various dynasties
• Includes over 300 illustrations, many of rarely seen royal figures

This groundbreaking book illuminates the lives of some 1,300 kings, queens, princes and princesses of ancient Egypt, unravelling family relationships and exploring the parts they played in politics, cultural life and religion. Profusely illustrated, it serves both as a biographical history of ancient Egypt’s royal families and as a superb volume for home reference.

From the dawn of Egyptian history, the book ranges through the vast progeny of Ramesses II, and ends with the fiendishly complicated – and blood-soaked – inter-connections of the Ptolemies and Cleopatras. The authors introduce key members of the royal family in turn and assess what is known about the implications of the major titles that define them.

Aidan Dodson is a Senior Research Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Bristol. Dyan Hilton works at the Roman Baths Museum, Bath.