The Complete World of Greek Mythology

The Complete World of Greek Mythology

  1. Richard Buxton
  • ISBN 9780500251218
  • 25.40 x 19.20 cm
  • Hardback
  • 256pp
  • 330 Illustrations, 139 in colour
  • First published 2004
‘A superb introduction’ – The Scotsman
‘When an authoritative scholar such as Richard Buxton turns his hand to a title like this … it results in a particularly informative and useful publication … a definitive account of the Greek myths and the world in which they developed’ –

The most authoritative illustrated guide to the world of Greek mythology

From the first millennium BC onwards, Greek myths have been repeated in an inexhaustible series of variations and reinterpretations. Nowadays they can be found in film, television and computer games.

This book combines a retelling of Greek myths with a comprehensive account of the world in which they developed. Throughout, the author draws upon the latest research into ancient Greek story-telling, presenting the material in an attractive, accessible and authoritative style.

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Contexts, Sources, Meanings examines the question ‘what is a myth?’, explores literary and artistic sources, and studies contexts such as ritual and theatre.
Myths of Origin traces the mythological origins of the cosmos, the first gods, the first humans and the first communities.
The Olympians: Power, Honour, Sexuality sets out the powers and activities of all the main divinities, and their connection with ideas of divine honour and divine sex.
Heroic Exploits tells the tales of the heroes: Perseus, Jason, Theseus and Herakles, and revisits the Trojan War.
Family Sagas recounts the dramas and catastrophes that befall heroes and heroines, including the doomed families of Atreus and Oedipus.
A Landscape of Myths explores the mountains, caves, seas and rivers of Greece, as well as the landscapes of Crete, Troy and the Underworld.
Greek Myths after the Greeks mines the rich tradition of retelling from the Romans, through the impact of Christianity and the Renaissance, to the 21st century.

With its lavish illustrations, detailed genealogical tables of gods and heroes, box features and specially commissioned maps, this is the one essential resource on these classic stories that lie at the heart of western civilization.

• detailed genealogical tables of gods and heroes • locations of all the principal mountains and rivers that feature in the world of myths • shows how Greek myths have inspired writers and artists up to the present day • lavishly illustrates breathtaking treasures and sites and, through specially commissioned maps, grounds the myths in the landscape • written by one of the world’s leading authorities

Richard G. A. Buxton is a classical scholar specialising in the study of ancient Greek mythology and literature. Richard Buxton's many books include Imaginary Greece: the Contexts of Mythology.
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