Conquest of Everest

The Conquest of Everest

Original Photographs from the Legendary First Ascent

  1. George Lowe
  2. Huw Lewis-Jones
  • ISBN 9780500544235
  • 27.00 x 22.00 cm
  • Hardback
  • 240pp
  • 163 Illustrations, 62 in colour
  • First published 2013
‘… it’s what’s behind the myths that George Lowe’s camera captures so completely, and which makes this book such a great celebration of these ambitious mountaineers and their achievement.’ – Traveller
‘The photographs are stunning and, in many cases, moving’– Financial Times
‘This book is an incredible homage to some of the bravest of men and gives a hugely emotional and historical insight into their different journeys and the friendships that formed throughout. The photography is a true step into their world and humbles you to behold it’- Photography Monthly

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Sixty years after the first ascent of Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, this anniversary book celebrates with exclusive access to the outstanding imagery and private archives of George Lowe, a key climber and photographer on that expedition

This is a remarkable visual testimony that tells the inside story of the conquering of Everest and captures the drama of the expedition and the personalities of those involved.

Conquest of Everest
Author Huw Lewis-Jones describes how George Lowe defied the odds to photograph the first ascent of Mount Everest...
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The Conquest of Everest features many unpublished photographs – and other rare materials from the Lowe collection – stunning landscapes, candid portraits and action shots of this historic expedition, bringing a fresh immediacy to the event.

An impressive team of experts provide their own reflections and experiences of Everest, and write in tribute to an unsung hero, with contributions from the late
Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Chris Bonington, Kenton Cool, Peter Hillary, Tom Hornbein, Reinhold Messner, Colin Monteath, Jan Morris, Norbu Tenzing Norgay, Doug Scott and Stephen Venables.

The allure of Everest remains undimmed, as many people still strive to reach its summit. For all those who wonder what that must be like, and for mountaineers, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and armchair adventurers, this book conveys the joy and the challenge of this incomparable mountain.

George Lowe is an explorer, mountaineer, photographer and filmmaker. He was a leading high-altitude climber on the 1953 British Everest Expedition, and as well as taking photographs and filming throughout the expedition, he directed the Oscar-nominated documentary The Conquest of Everest. He was the founder and first Chairman of the Himalayan Trust in Britain.
Huw Lewis-Jones is a historian of exploration. Formerly a Curator at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, and the National Maritime Museum, London, he is now an award-winning author whose books include Arctic, Ocean Portraits, In Search of the South Pole and Mountain Heroes, which won Adventure Book of the Year at the World ITB Awards in Germany.