The Granny Alphabet

The Granny Alphabet

(2 volumes in a slipcase)
  1. Photographs by Tim Walker
  2. Text by Kit Hesketh-Harvey
  • ISBN 9780500544266
  • 26.00 x 19.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 148pp
  • Illustrated in colour throughout
  • First published 2013

An affectionate two-volume A–Z of all things granny ...

‘Never before have grandmothers been so inspirational’ – Vogue
‘Frivolous and affectionate fun’ – Tatler
‘The fashion photographer’s genius new book pours his whimsical style into beautiful shots of grannies doing things that they love. Silver is officially the new black’– InStyle
‘A lovely book to celebrate growing older’ – The Women’s Room

The Granny Alphabet

Tim Walker is donating all proceeds from the sale of The Granny Alphabet to Friends of the Elderly

Tim Walker has won a cult following for his flamboyant, lavishly staged and surrealist fashion photography. Now he brings his unique brand of very British fantasia to a subject close to his and all our hearts: grannies.

Volume 1 offers a collection of granny portraits by Tim Walker, arranged alphabetically and accompanied by short, gently humorous verse by Kit Hesketh-Harvey …
The Granny Alphabet
In Volume 2, fashion illustrator Lawrence Mynott contributes his own A–Z of lively old ladies …
The Granny Alphabet

… so step into an enchanted realm where twinkling Miss Marple-types elope to Egypt in head-to-toe tartan or jet off to Mars on a flying saucer: Lucinda, whose hat addiction shows no sign of waning (she even goes to bed in one), and Hattie, who’ll give you a humbug if you’re helpful.

Tim Walker’s book Tim Walker: Story Teller was published by Thames & Hudson in 2012.
Kit Hesketh-Harvey is an award-winning performer, composer, writer and translator.
Lawrence Mynott is a widely published illustrator, designer and portrait painter.