The Lindisfarne Painting Book

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The Lindisfarne Painting Book

  1. Aidan Meehan
  • ISBN 9780500281840
  • 27.90 x 21.60 cm
  • Paperback
  • 64pp
  • 57 Illustrations, 0 in colour
  • 57 line drawings
  • First published 2000
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The Lindisfarne Gospels is an 8th-century masterpiece of Celtic illumination.

After careful study, Aidan Meehan has beautifully redrawn more than fifty designs that appear on its pages. Each one has been taken from its amazingly intricate background, often extricated from other entangled ornaments, and enlarged, making it easy for you to paint.

The original manuscript page from which each design is derived is given so you can refer to reproductions of the gospel book and see the decorative style and colours used by the scribes in the 8th century.Based on the four types of pattern in the Lindisfarne Gospels — knotwork, spirals, mazes and animal patterns, with special emphasis on the jewel-like birds and dogs — the drawings range from simple to complex. They will inspire you to try out your own painting techniques and colour schemes, making frameable art works of your own.

Anyone fascinated by the Celtic legacy will find this a wonderful book both for reference and pleasure.