The Medieval World Complete

The Medieval World Complete

  1. Edited by Robert Bartlett
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  • ISBN 9780500283332
  • 28.00 x 21.90 cm
  • Paperback
  • 336pp
  • With over 800 illustratins, 612 in colour
  • First published 2010
‘A gloriously detailed and richly illustrated visual record of medieval society ’ – BBC History
‘Covers the whole range of medieval life from cartography to castles, from the sacraments to sexuality … A revelation and a pleasure’ – The Scotsman
‘A masterpiece … a tour de force’ – Church Times
‘A sumptuous book, full of detail and colour … a real treat for anyone interested in the period’ – Rachel Bellerby,

The Medieval World Complete re-creates one of the great ages of European civilization through a sequence of spectacular images accompanied by a lively, informed commentary.

Ingeniously organized by topic and thoroughly cross-referenced, this all embracing book enables the reader to explore and understand every facet of the Middle Ages, an era of breathtaking artistic achievement and religious faith in a world where life was often coarse and cruel, cut short by war, famine and disease.

Framed by chapters that outline the way the Middle Ages began and ended, the book covers religion and the Church, nations and laws, daily life, art and architecture, scholarship and philosophy, and the World beyond Christendom. The book is completed by biographies of key personalities, from Charlemagne to Wycliffe, and timelines, maps, glossary, gazetteer and bibliography.

Robert Bartlett is Wardlaw Professor of Medieval History at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His widely praised books on medieval history include The Making of Europe, winner of the Wolfson Literary Award for History, and The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages.

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