Parisian Gentleman

The Parisian Gentleman

  1. Hugo Jacomet
  2. Photographs by Andy Julia
  • ISBN 9780500518014
  • 34.50 x 27.30 cm
  • Hardback
  • 256pp
  • With over 350 illustrations in colour and black and white
  • First published 2015
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A luxurious celebration of the craftsmanship behind the timeless French brands whose rich heritage is the cornerstone of men’s style

‘Sheds light on the histories of famous bespoke houses and little-known studios alike’– The Rake

Parisian  Gentleman

Paris and style are synonymous. Home of haute couture and the world’s leading fashion houses, the city and its inhabitants exude flair all year around. While high fashion most often captures the limelight, Paris’s debonair men bespeak decades of sartorial tradition and refinement.

The Parisian Gentleman presents twenty of the leading men’s style-makers, from hidden ateliers and little-known studios to internationally renowned names such as shirt-makers Charvet, shoe-makers Berluti and recently revived trunk-makers Moynat. The histories of each house, and the creatives and craftsmen behind them, bring alive the clothes, capture fading traditions, and celebrate an unceasing dedication to quality. Author Hugo Jacomet, founder of the cult ‘Parisian Gentleman’ website, personally knows many of the leaders of these sought-after marques, so the portrait he paints of each maker derives from first-hand knowledge. Impeccable photography, much of which was shot exclusively for this publication, provides an exquisite complement to each story.

A luxurious celebration of the craftsmanship and elegance behind the timeless French sartorial artisans, from tailoring, shirt-making and shoe-making to perfumery, jewelry, luggage and accessories, The Parisian Gentleman is an essential addition to the well-dressed man’s private wardrobe.

Hugo Jacomet is a pioneer of the menswear revival that celebrates well-crafted clothing and elegant gentlemen. His digital magazine, Parisian Gentleman, is a worldwide reference for sartorial updates. Andy Julia is a freelance photographer.