The Spirit of Indian Painting

The Spirit of Indian Painting

Close Encounters with 101 Great Works 1100 -1900

  1. B. N. Goswamy
  • ISBN 9780500239506
  • 23.20 x 17.00 cm
  • Hardback
  • 584pp
  • With 210 colour illustrations
  • First published 2016
‘An out-and-out masterpiece ... will undoubtedly come to be looked on as one of the greatest books ever written on Indian art’ – William Dalrymple, The Guardian
‘Wonderful … a book to make both layman and connoisseur alike realize why pre-modern Indian painting is one of the great arts of the world’– Neil MacGregor
‘Professor Goswamy’s book meets a long-felt need. In all the years I have been involved with Indian art I have repeatedly been asked to recommend a book which covers the whole subject. This is it. This is it. This is it’– Sir Howard Hodgkin
‘No one knows more about Indian painting than B.N. Goswamy and in 'The Spirit of Indian Painting' he shares a lifetime of knowledge and insights’– Glenn Lowry
'A thrilling and novel survey … a wonderful primer to an unfamiliar world of art'– RA Magazine

The Spirit of Indian Painting
Through carefully handpicked works, spanning nearly a thousand years, and ranging from Jain manuscripts and Pahari and Mughal miniatures to Company School paintings, B. N. Goswamy unlocks the many treasures that lie within them. As he narrates the stories behind each work, and deciphers the visual vocabulary and language of the painters, he also brings to life the cultural, social and political milieu in which they were created. An illuminating introductory essay elucidates the themes and contexts of this fascinating topic.

Lavishly illustrated, and combining deep erudition with great story-telling, this is a book of enduring value that will delight all readers and teach them new ways of seeing and appreciating art.

B. N. Goswamy is Professor Emeritus of art history at the Panjab University. He has been a guest curator of major exhibitions of Indian art all over the world, most recently of the path-breaking ‘Masters of Indian Painting’ at the Museum Rietberg, Zürich, and at the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Professor Goswamy’s many publications include Essence of Indian Art, Wonders of a Golden Age, Pahari Masters, Domains of Wonder and Nainsukh of Guler.