The Stuff You Can't Bottle

The Stuff You Can't Bottle

Advertising for the Global Youth Market

  1. King Adz
  • ISBN 9780500290750
  • 25.50 x 17.00 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 352pp
  • 275 Illustrations, 250 in colour
  • First published 2013

How do you capture something that’s so dynamic it’s gone before you know it? You can’t bottle it, you can’t Google it. What is the magic that creates a spark between brands and young people? This book shows how to go about creating the great campaigns of tomorrow.

‘Essential reading. Both for those who think that they ‘get’ the youth market and those who know that they don’t ’ – Anne-Faye Townsend,

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The Stuff You Can't Bottle

Internet 2.0 has produced a new kind of advertising – Advertising 2.0. Culture is merging with commerce, and the only way for advertisers and brands to connect with young people is to get involved with their world.

'If most people acted the way advertisers do, they’d get punched in the mouth. Actually the best way to secure a long-term, ongoing relationship – particularly with young people – might be to start by listening rather than talking. Blend in and slowly but surely get noticed for doing something that’s interesting or funny or relevant or cool or different’ – Erik Kessels, KesselsKramer

You have to speak the right language – audio and visual, real and virtual – in the right place. King Adz’s research has taken him across the globe. He has visited skate parks, clubs, gigs, and street art events. He has talked to young people to find out what really fires them, and he has talked to the young advertising creatives who have succeeded in connecting with them.

King Adz shares his unique insight through topics including viral video, augmented reality, sex and subcultures, as well as case histories of stand-out campaigns and brands (Vans, Stüssy, Levi’s and more). There are interviews with ad execs who have cracked this notoriously tricky market – and comments throughout from creatives working right now around the world.

The youth are leading the brands, not vice-versa; and this makes youth advertising one of the most exciting creative industries in the world today.

King Adz is an internationally published author, screenwriter, and TED alumnus who specializes in creating original content for page and screen, as well as for brands. Adz is also partial to street food and has written widely about the relationship between food and culture. He has travelled extensively for the last 15 years, spending time with a whole bunch of creative and dynamic people all over the world. He is the author of The Urban Cookbook and co-author of Blek Le Rat, both published by Thames & Hudson.