Introduction to Art

The Thames & Hudson Introduction to Art

  1. Debra J. DeWitte
  2. Ralph M. Larmann, M.Kathryn Shields
  • ISBN 9780500239438
  • 27.50 x 21.20 cm
  • PLC (with jacket)
  • 624pp
  • With 865 colour illustrations
  • First published 2015

This bestselling, comprehensive introductory book covers all aspects of the visual arts making it the most accessible and complete visual arts guide available – a wonderful resource for students and art lovers alike

‘A revelatory volume … Aimed at the teenager and foundation-year student, it still holds plenty of surprises for the old hand’– The Times Books of the Year
‘It will send neophyte and aficionado alike out into our museums and galleries afresh’ – The Times
'Packed with information and looks good on the shelf too'– Homes & Antiques

Introduction to Art

It is beautifully illustrated, dynamic and accessible and emphasizes the astonishing diversity of art in all its forms.

Introduction to Art
Introduction to Art

• Part 1 introduces the visual language of art
• Part 2 explains how art is made, from such traditional media and processes as stone carving, fresco and oil painting, to contemporary approaches, such as digital and conceptual art and installations
• Part 3 offers an overview of the history of art from prehistoric times to the 21st century in all parts of the world
• Part 4 examines art through the major themes that, across cultures and throughout history, have inspired artists to create great works of art

The book features more than 800 images. Additionally, the authors have selected eight iconic works that represent the extraordinary variety of art created throughout time and around the world. As these great works are examined from different points of view in the four parts of the book, the reader gains a deeper understanding of the skill involved in artistic creation, and the endless expressive possibilities of art.

Debra J. Dewitte is an art historian whose research focuses on 19th-century French art
Ralph M. Larmann is a painter and teacher
M. Kathryn Shields is an art historian who specializes in modern and contemporary art