The Way We Live

The Way We Live

By the Sea

  1. Text by Stafford Cliff
  2. Photographs by Gilles de Chabaneix
  • ISBN 9780500512531
  • 23.50 x 22.00 cm
  • PLC (with jacket)
  • 256pp
  • 250 Illustrations, 250 in colour
  • First published 2006
‘Stunning photography makes it the perfect coffee-table book to transport you from a gloomy day in the city straight to the seaside’ – Vogue
‘Seaside heaven in every shape and form is dished up in this stunning new book’– The Evening Standard

This book marries Stafford Cliff’s unerring eye with the remarkable photography of Gilles de Chabaneix to present a catalogue of opportunities for getting the best out of a life by and on the sea.

Seaside Architecture holiday villas in France; stone cottages in Scottish fishing villages; beach huts in Mexico; cabins in the Caribbean; new apartment developments in California.
The Extended Aspect how seaside and seafront dwellers have approached the problem of linking homes with the sea: terraces, decking, jetties, platforms and private beaches.
Seaside Colours & Materials looks at the creative use of the colours, materials and textures we traditionally associate with the sea: whites, blues, greens, bleached wood, pebbled effects, dappled glass.
Washed Up looks at opportunities to use the rich pickings of the seashore and coastal waters to practical and decorative effect – the flotsam and the fruits of the sea.
Life Afloat is a sequence of images of the ultimate experiences of living by the sea: from houses actually built out over the water to life aboard private boats.

Every opportunity to make cross-cultural comparisons and connections is taken and all sections are fully cross-referenced and indexed, to give a dynamic compilation of solutions to creating one’s own ideal place by the sea.

Stafford Cliff was formerly Creative Director of the Conran Design Group in London. He is the author of many books, including this book’s precursors, The Way We Live and The Way We Live Alfresco, both published by Thames & Hudson.
The late Gilles de Chabaneix established a reputation as one of France’s most prominent photographers of design and lifestyle.

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