New Horizons


Turning the Wheel of Life

  1. Françoise Pommaret
  • ISBN 9780500301128
  • 17.70 x 12.50 cm
  • Paperback
  • 160pp
  • 200 Illustrations, 130 in colour
  • First published 2003
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‘Exceptionally interesting … recommended to anyone who wants an introduction to Tibetan political and cultural history’ – Circle of Inner Asian Art Newsletter

Tibet has come to be synonymous with spirituality. It seems that the many hardships endured by the Tibetans – oppressive authorities, extreme altitude, harsh climate – have forced many to focus on the next life rather than the present.

Today, still under Chinese occupation, Tibet struggles to regain its independent status. This intriguing and richly illustrated book examines the turbulent history of this beautiful country.
Chapters include:
• Land and Identity
• Religions and Beliefs
• Kings and Lamas – from Empire to Theocracy
• The Quest of the West
• Invasion and Colonization – Tibet Today

Fascinating documents include accounts of
• Travellers in Tibet
• Tibetan Poetry
• Tibetan Medicine
• The Tibet China agreement of 1951
• Lists of the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas

The author is an anthropologist and historian who has travelled widely in Tibet and has lived and worked in Bhutan for over twenty years.