Tropical Minimal

Tropical Minimal

  1. Danielle Miller
  2. Photographs by Richard Powers
  • ISBN 9780500512913
  • 27.50 x 24.00 cm
  • Hardback
  • 192pp
  • 281 Illustrations, 281 in colour
  • First published 2006
‘If there’s ever a source of inspiration for bringing the essence of the glorious tropics into your home it’s this one … astounding’ – The Essential Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, BOOK OF THE MONTH

Tropical Minimal expands the possibilities of what can be achieved through modest means and simple expression.

This beautifully presented book integrates the most pleasurable aspects of tropical living with a modern sensibility to establish an entirely new and exciting trend in interior design.

Selecting the best examples from around the globe – from Brazil to Florida, from New Zealand to Singapore – Tropical Minimal reveals how the appreciation of exotic environments can be enhanced through simple spaces and pared-down furnishings.

Superbly photographed especially for this volume, examples are presented of living, eating and dining, bathing, sleeping and outdoor living that cover the spectrum of tropical-minimal design and architecture. A visual-reference section focuses on design details, from exotic materials and terraces to lighting and pools.

Danielle Miller writes extensively on interior design for publications around the world. She lives in Sydney.
Richard Powers is a studio and location photographer whose work has appeared in a wide variety of international shelter and architecture magazines. His books include Living Modern - also published by Thames & Hudson