How to Succeed in the New Brand Space

  1. Adam N. Stone
  • ISBN 9780500291924
  • 22.90 x 16.60 cm
  • Flexibound
  • 184pp
  • First published 2015

Collectively, brands are perhaps the most powerful force in the world. That was also once true of dinosaurs. What is the new brand space that is emerging? What do the new consumers – the ‘Unbrandables’ – want? And how should brands behave?

Helping to set the agenda are what Adam N. Stone designates the 'Unbrandables', consumers who are sensitive to inauthenticity, hostile to relentless materialism, and suspicious of products they do not want or that are bad for the environment.

Then there are the 'Unbranded' brands, such as Nudie Jeans of Sweden and In-N-Out Burger in California, showing that honesty, transparency and a genuine concern for the planet and their customers' needs are essential when it comes to connecting with a more sceptical audience.

'Unbrandable' provides advertising and marketing professionals with an invaluable guide to this new landscape. The book examines what it means to be Unbrandable, for both consumers and producers, and how companies can thrive by taking a more creative, authentic approach to promoting their goods.

Each section of the book focuses on a brand that works, an industry professional who demonstrates the new approaches, an individual who can articulate better than any focus group what the new consumer wants, or a place - Berlin and Sao Paulo among them - that itself flourishes on Unbrandable principles.

Adam N. Stone, aka King Adz, is an advertising and brand professional, a film-maker and an author. His previous books include The Urban Cookbook, Blek le Rat (as co-author), The Urban Traveller’s Sketchbook and The Stuff You Can’t Bottle, all published by Thames & Hudson.

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