Unseen Extremes

Unseen Extremes

Mapping the World's Greatest Mountains

  1. Stefan Dech
  2. Reinhold Messner
  • ISBN 9780500518892
  • 31.50 x 26.50 cm
  • Hardback
  • 240pp
  • With 198 illustrations
  • First published 2016

Breathtaking views of high peaks as they’ve never been seen before, using cutting-edge satellite technology

Unseen Extremes

Mountains have long been viewed as places of beauty and faith, challenge and discovery. Now this unique book presents the earth’s extremes in an entirely new way. Using high-resolution satellite data, scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have created a series of incredibly accurate digital 3D maps of mountain landscapes. These digital terrain models have in turn been used to generate amazing photorealistic images, creating virtual landscapes seen from previously impossible viewpoints in an unprecedented degree of detail.

Unseen Extremes features 13 of the world’s greatest mountains, chosen not only for their magnificence but because they also offer a condensed history of mountaineering, packed with tales of historic ascents and new routes, tragic failures and memorable moments.

The milestones of mountain exploration are presented alongside maps, infographics and profiles that bring the traits of each mountain to life, while location photographs and first-hand accounts by climbers past and present complete the dazzling picture.

Science, technology, history and geography are brought together with an unassailable passion for adventure, opening up a whole new perspective on the planet’s most captivating extremes.

Mont Blanc
Nanda Devi
Mount Everest
Nanga Parbat

DLR is Germany’s national aeronautics and space research centre. Stefan Dech is director of the Earth Observation Center. Reinhold Messner is one of the world’s most distinguished mountaineers. Nils Sparwasser is Head of the Department of Science Communication and Visualization at the Earth Observation Center.