Vincent's Gardens

Vincent's Gardens

Paintings and Drawings by Van Gogh

  1. Ralph Skea
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  • ISBN 9780500238776
  • 23.00 x 16.00 cm
  • Quarterbound/PLC (no jacket)
  • 112pp
  • 75 Illustrations, 58 in colour
  • First published 2011
‘Constant, though, is the thrilling intensity of Van Gogh’s engagement with the gardens, backyards, parks and allotments he encountered … teases out all the creative and psychological implications’ – The Scotsman
‘A fresh perspective on Van Gogh’s artistic evolution towards his vibrant and vividly coloured style’ – Metro
‘The perfect gift for Van Gogh fans and garden lovers alike’ – The Daily Express

This delightfully illustrated book celebrates Vincent van Gogh’s love of nature and will enchant all gardeners and art lovers. The collection includes all his most characterful studies of trees, plants and flowers – a perfect gift!


Van Gogh’s landscapes and the paintings in which he conveys the wild beauty of Provence are well known, but he also found peace and inspiration in the more modest surroundings of gardens and parks, from gardens and allotments in Brabant to the cottage gardens of Montmartre and the blazing flower beds of the south of France.

Here are joyous paintings of plants in bloom and the intense studies of lilac, roses, irises and pine trees he produced in the asylum grounds at Saint-Rémy. All are tributes to Van Gogh’s originality and poetry.

Ralph Skea was Senior Lecturer in architecture and town planning at the University of Dundee, where he pursued a special interest in the conservation of historic gardens. He is also a painter, and has exhibited widely.