Vintage Fashion Complete

Vintage Fashion Complete

  1. Nicky Albrechtsen
  • ISBN 9780500517611
  • 30.80 x 24.00 cm
  • Hardback without Jacket
  • 432pp
  • With over 1,300 illustrations
  • First published 2014

The most comprehensive guide to vintage fashion ever published!
Unlimited inspiration for fashion designers, stylists, collectors and style-setters everywhere

‘The most comprehensive and ambitious guide to vintage fashion ever produced’ – Vintage Explorer Magazine
‘… opens a window on how good ideas skip the years to fertilise a future designer’s imagination’– The Guardian
‘Brilliant … beautiful … a real definitive guide to style throughout the 20th century and an incredible reference for anybody interested in vintage fashion and design’–
‘Indispensable as a reference book for the vintage fashion enthusiast, 'Vintage Fashion Complete' truly is a “Fashion Bible” ’– Inretrospect Magazine

Vintage Fashion Complete
Vintage Fashion Complete

• Explores every aspect of a woman’s vintage wardrobe in over 1,000 stand-out examples, from dresses and skirts to hats, shoes and bags, drawn from fashions from the 1920s to the 1980s.
• Not just another history of fashion, this is a survey of how fashion past continues to inspire fashion present – as seen on the street, on the catwalk, and on devotees such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.
• Designs by world-famous names feature alongside lesser-known brands beloved of collectors, such as Lilli Ann and Horrockses Fashions.
• Unique handmade pieces as well as icons of vintage fashion, from Marilyn Monroe’s bra to the Ossie Clark dress that famously features in David Hockney’s painting.
• Includes invaluable practical tips on how to build a collection, and how to date, clean and care for vintage clothing.

Nicky Albrechtsen is a costume designer and the proprietor of the vintage resource studio Vintage Labels, which sources inspirational clothing for fashion, textile and costume designers. She is the author of The Printed Square; Scarves (with Fola Solanke); and Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion (with Simon Murray), all published by Thames & Hudson.