What's Next?

What's Next? 100 Years of the Contemporary Art Society

Inside Public Collections

  1. Edited by Lucy Byatt
  2. Charlotte Troy
  • ISBN 9780954707132
  • 26.00 x 21.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 372pp
  • Illustrated in colour and black and white throughout
  • First published 2011
  • Distributed on behalf of C. T. Editions

For 100 years the Contemporary Art Society has played a unique and pivotal role in the formation of the UK’s art collections.

To mark this, the society developed a programme of projects, events and exhibitions in over thirty museums across the UK. This book features the extensive output of these interventions alongside vital conversations about curating, patronage and the cultural identity of Museums and the significance of collections on the artist and creative practitioner.

The book also includes its own collection of works on paper from some of the UK’s most important and emerging artists, all of whom have been supported by the CAS. The Contemporary Art Society has worked as a catalyst for the visual arts in the UK, continuing to develop and support audiences, artists, curators, collectors and collections alike.

Timely in its nature and explorative in its method, this book is essential for anyone interested in public art collections today and curious about their future.