Words and Buildings

Words and Buildings

A Vocabulary of Modern Architecture

  1. Adrian Forty
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  • ISBN 9780500284704
  • 24.50 x 19.50 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 336pp
  • 216 Illustrations, 0 in colour
  • First published 2004
‘Essential reading … will change and enrich the way we think and talk about buildings’ – The Sunday Telegraph
‘Architects should be made to read Words and Buildings– Architecture Today
‘Unusually clear and accessible ... Students of all kinds will love this book’ – The Architectural Review
‘A forceful, clear and sophisticated exposition …’ – Robert Harbison, The Architects’ Journal

The words we use when we talk and write about architecture describe more than just bricks and mortar – they direct the ways we think of and live with buildings. This groundbreaking book is the first thorough examination of the complex relationship between architecture and language as intricate social practices.

Words and Buildings is a wholly original study that will change and enrich the way we think and talk about architecture. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with architecture and culture in the modern era.

Rigorously argued chapters investigate the language of modernism, language and drawing, ‘masculine and feminine’ architecture, language metaphors, science in architecture and the social properties of architecture.

A vocabulary of key words such as ‘Character’, ‘Form’, ‘History’ and ‘Space’, locates each word’s modern meaning within a historical and theoretical framework, and clearly sets out its development and relevance for architects, historians, philosophers, critics and the users of buildings themselves.

Adrian Forty is Emeritus Professor of the History of Architecture Faculty of the Built Environment at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London.)