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A History of Pictures Hockney

A History of Pictures
From the Cave to the Computer Screen

David Hockney and Martin Gayford discuss the 30,000-year-old history of pictures in one brilliantly original volume. For us to understand how we see the world around us – and hence ourselves – what is needed is a history of pictures. This is that book.

‘One thing is for sure. I won’t read a more interesting book all year … ’ – A.N.Wilson, Sunday Times

The Book of Bees

The Book of Bees

A big, beautifully illustrated book on one of the most amazing animals on earth: the humble bee. Imparts masses of information with a light, humorous touch, and in scores of vibrant illustrations

'This glorious book will introduce you to the bee world. It is fantastically illustrated in a cartoonish style that is big, bold and will appeal to all ages of reader' – The BookTrust

Cities that Shaped the Ancient World

Cities That Shaped the Ancient World

From the world’s first cities, in Mesopotamia, to the spectacular urban monuments of the Maya in Central America, the cities described here represent almost three millennia of human history and development. Under John Julius Norwich’s expert editorship, eminent historians and archaeologists with first-hand knowledge of each site give voices to these silent ruins, bringing them to life as the teeming, state-of-the-art metropolises they once were

‘This gorgeously illustrated volume is a pleasure to peruse’ – Minerva

The Craft Companion

The Craft Companion
The Ultimate Guide to 33 Crafting Techniques

From appliqué and baskets to weaving and zakka, each chapter includes a historical overview of the craft, with design notes and explanations of key techniques to help beginners to get started

‘It's not often that a generalist book can give a specialist title a run for its money but this puts many current embroidery titles to shame in terms of its scope and presentation’ – Embroidery magazine


One Hundred Herbs · Grow · Cook · Heal

A stylishly illustrated compendium of 100 herbs, designed to enrich our understanding of all their uses, by the team behind the bestselling 'The Geometry of Pasta'

‘An exquisite and inspirational book’ – Nigella Lawson
‘A thing of beauty’ – Yotam Ottolenghi, The Times Luxx

Hip Hop Raised Me

Hip Hop Raised Me

The definitive volume on the essence, experience and energy that is hip hop, and its massive and enduring impact over the last 40 years

‘A beautiful dedication to the beautiful culture’ – i-D

Hirameki Cats and Dogs

Hirameki Cats and Dogs
Draw What You See

Hirameki: a fabulous art form for everybody – even the most inexperienced doodler can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles!

‘Put the felt-tips down – the next phase of the adult colouring craze is upon us, and it’s the art of Hirameki’ – The Sun on Sunday

This Way Madness Lies

This Way Madness Lies

A compelling illustrated exploration of the evolution of the asylum and attitudes to the insane from the 17th century to the present day.
Explores the meaning of mental illness through the successive incarnations of the institution that defined it: the 18th-century madhouse, the 19th-century asylum and the 20th-century mental hospital

Accompanies the exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London, from 15 September 2016 to 15 January 2017


Writers and Artists under English Skies

One of 2015’s most reviewed and acclaimed non-fiction releases – the first book to consider English literary and artistic responses to the weather – by the winner of the Guardian First Book Award

‘Weatherland is so beautifully written that it transcends even its wealth of information. Alexandra Harris is a poet scholar’ – Clive James, New Statesman