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Interior Inspiration

Interior Inspiration: Scandinavia
Includes 30 DIY Projects

This book is both an introduction to the history of Scandinavian design and a style sourcebook. Featuring concise profiles of such great designers as Arne Jacobsen and Stig Lindberg, and such key furniture and textiles manufacturers as littala and Marimekko, it also includes 30 step-by-step DIY projects that show readers how to customize furniture and objects in the Scandinavian way. An all-you-need guide for anyone interested in the history and aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

Chineasy Everyday

Chineasy Everyday
The World of Chinese Characters

'Chineasy Everyday' teaches over 400 of the most used and useful Chinese characters, phrases and sentences that reflect our daily lives..

'Learning Mandarin just got Chineasy ... May revolutionize the teaching of Chinese around the world'
- The Sunday Times

Crucial Interventions

Crucial Interventions
An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Nineteenth-Century Surgery

A startling look at the golden age of surgery through gruesome yet beautiful technical illustrations and paintings from the Wellcome Collection, written by the bestselling author of 'The Sick Rose'. This compelling volume interweaves graphic illustrations of surgical techniques and instruments from rare, nineteenth-century textbooks with engrossing and enlightening thematic articles by medical historian Richard Barnett.

Crucial Interventions

The Whole Story

Comprehensive and beautifully illustrated, this book takes you through the astonishing history of life on Earth. Here you will encounter pivotal evolutionary turning points, uncover false starts and global disasters, and trace the crucial scientific breakthroughs that have contributed to our understanding of this planet and the creatures on it.

‘I cannot think of another book that attempts to catalogue the entire expanse of life and succeeds in such a remarkably palatable way’ – New Scientist
‘An endlessly fascinating book … absolutely ideal for the whole family’ – Mature Times


Furniture That Transforms Space

A sourcebook of ideas for innovative furnishing, interior environments and small-scale architectural interventions – bookshelves that can reshape a room, chairs that create intimate enclosures, home-office spaces and self-contained kitchen cubes that can be expanded to reveal every conceivable eating function.

Book of the Week– The Times


Draw What You See

Hirameki is set to be the creative phenomenon of 2016! Hirameki in Japanese, means a flash of inspiration, which is just what artists Peng & Hu had when they realized that even the splodgiest blot could be easily turned into something amazing.
    Highly creative and a little bit anarchic, this is the perfect outlet for all those who are bored by drawing inside the lines. It's for everybody: even the most inexperienced doodlers can produce hundreds of sensational scribbles.

New Nordic Design

New Nordic Design

The enduring appeal of Nordic design lies in its simplicity, minimalist approach and quality of materials, as well as the sustainable production methods that are so much part of the Scandinavian way of life. This stylish publication celebrates the wide-reaching impact Nordic design has had on the world scene, and heralds the arrival of a new generation of designers – as well as the editors and bloggers chronicling their every move.

‘A beautifully illustrated investigation into the worldwide impact of Scandinavian style on contemporary interiors’ – Image Interiors & Living

Paper Zoo

Paper Zoo
Create Collage Animals

Make collage pictures of animals with this cleverly designed book.

‘Gorgeously creative’ – Guardian

Paris Up and Away

Paris Up, Up and Away
with intricate lasercuts and delicate illustrations throughout

Intricate lasercuts and delicate illustrations show Paris and its monuments at their very best, and offer a wonderfully imaginative introduction to the city for young children.

‘Superb, both technically and aesthetically’ – Financial Times Books of the Year

‘A magically immersive read’ – Little London