World of Art series

Art Reference, Theory & Criticism

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Art Since 1989
  • Paperback
Essential reading, with clear signposting and sparkling prose – Times Literary Supplement

Body Art
  • Paperback
Body art has proliferated in an unprecedented way. What do new and borrowed body arts tell us about global culture?

Colour in Art
  • Paperback
A  brilliant account of its subject. The text is staggeringly erudite but accessible, and the illustrations are as varied as they are informative. Yet it costs just £9.95 – The Sunday Times

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms
  • Paperback
A richly illustrated paperback that provides useful information on a wide range of art and design history, theory and practice … Scholarly yet accessible, and should prove invaluable to teachers and students alike – The Times Educational Supplement

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance
  • Paperback
A valuable reference work – The Connoisseur

Women, art and society
  • Paperback
Packed with information, controversy, argument 
and very good art – Times Educational Supplement