Digital Art

Digital Art Contents

    A short history of technology and art
    The presentation, collection, and preservation of digital art

Chapter 1– Digital Technologies as a Tool
    Digital imaging: photography and print

Chapter 2 – Digital Technologies as a Medium
    Forms of digital art
    Film, video, and animation
    Internet art and nomadic networks
    Software art
    Virtual reality and augmented reality
    Sound and music

Chapter 3 – Themes in Digital Art
    Artificial life
    Artificial intelligence and intelligent agents
    Telepresence, telematics, and telerobotics
    Body and identity
    Databases, data visualization, and mapping
    Beyond the book: text and narrative environments
    Tactical media, activism, and hacktivism
    Technologies of the future

Artists’ websites and online art projects
Digital arts organizations and networks, museums, and galleries
Digital art festivals
Select new media art exhibitions
Select bibliography
List of illustrations