The Great Cities in History

The Great Cities - Contents

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From Mesopotamia to Megalopolis
John Julius Norwich

The Ancient World

Uruk The World’s First City
Margarete van Ess

Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization
Robin Coningham

Memphis Capital of Ancient Egypt
Ian Shaw

Thebes and Egypt’s Golden Age
Bill Manley

Hattusa Stronghold of the Hittite Empire
Trevor Bryce

Babylon Nebuchadnezzar and the Hanging Gardens
Joan Oates

Nineveh Palaces and Temples of Assyrian Kings
Julian Reade

Carthage Phoenician and Roman City
Henry Hurst

Athens Birthplace of Democracy
Bettany Hughes

Linzi and other Cities of Warring States China
W. J. F. Jenner

Alexandria Mediterranean Metropolis of the Ptolemies
Alan B. Lloyd

Meroë Royal City of Nubia
Robert Morkot

Jerusalem in the time of Herod and Jesus
Martin Goodman

Rome in the Age of Augustus
Nigel Pollard

The First Millennium AD

Teotihuacan Birthplace of the Gods
Susan Toby Evans

Tikal Crucible of Maya Civilization
Simon Martin

Constantinople Christian Capital in the East
John Julius Norwich

Mecca Sacred City of Islam
Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Damascus Splendours of the Oasis City
Barnaby Rogerson

Chang’an Capital of Tang China
Victor C. Xiong

Baghdad and the Abbasid Caliphs
Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Córdoba Brilliant Capital of Moorish Spain
Doris Behrens-Abouseif

The Medieval World

Angkor Khmer City of Glory
Michael D. Coe

Palermo Norman Jewel of the Mediterranean
John Julius Norwich

Cairo Centre of Islamic Civilization
Doris Behrens-Abouseif

Samarkand Tamerlane’s Chosen City
Colin Thubron

Paris Pinnacle of Gothic Architecture
Chris Jones

Lübeck and the Cities of the Hanseatic League
William L. Urban

Kraków Renaissance City of the North
Adam Zamoyski

Venice Mistress of the Mediterranean
John Julius Norwich

­Florence The Magnificence of the Medici
Charles Fitzroy

Benin West African City of the Ancestors
Patrick Darling

Timbuktu City in the Sands
Barnaby Rogerson

Cuzco Imperial City of the Inca
Brian S. Bauer

Tenochtitlan Aztec City in the Lake
Susan Toby Evans

The Early Modern World

Lisbon in the Age of Discovery
Malyn Newitt

Rome and the Renaissance Papacy
Charles Fitzroy

Istanbul City of the Sultans
Jason Goodwin

Agra City of the Taj Mahal
Ebba Koch

Isfahan Shah ‘Abbas and the Safavid Empire
Stephen P. Blake

Beijing and the Forbidden City
Frances Wood

Kyoto Pleasure Gardens and Vermilion Palaces
Lesley Downer

Prague Rudolph II’s City of Magic
Colin Amery

Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic
Simon Schama

Mexico City Utopia in the New World
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

London Renaissance to Restoration
A. N. Wilson

Stockholm and Sweden’s Baltic Empire
Charles Fitzroy

Dublin and Georgian Elegance
Thomas Pakenham

Copenhagen and Nordic Neoclassicism
Colin Amery

St Petersburg Russia’s Window on the West
Colin Amery

Vienna and the Habsburg Emperors
Misha Glenny

Edinburgh and the Scottish Enlightenment
Magnus Linklater

The Age of the Modern City

Moscow Capital Without a Court
Orlando Figes

Paris in the Time of Napoleon III and Baron Haussmann
Philip Mansel

London from Queen Victoria to Big Bang
A. N. Wilson

Budapest Bridging the Danube
Misha Glenny

Montreal The Defiance that Made Canada
Rory Maclean

Washington DC Ideology Made Visible
Simon Schama

Barcelona The Catalan Phoenix
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

New Delhi Symbol in Stone
Jane Ridley

Berlin Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano
Rory Maclean

Chicago The Engine of America
James Cuno

Los Angeles The Culture of the Imagination
Kevin Starr

Buenos Aires City of Permanent Promise
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

Singapore The Lion City
John Keay

New York The Prospect of the Future
Jan Morris & Alexander Bloom

São Paulo Coffee and Commerce
Elizabeth Johnson

Sydney Shanty Town to Global City
Elizabeth Farrelly

Tokyo City of Constant Change
Lesley Downer

Shanghai China’s Super-City
John Gittings

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