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Publicity and Marketing

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Rosalie Macfarlane
Acting Head of Publicity
T 020 7845 5102
E r.macfarlane@thameshudson.co.uk

Orla Houston-Jibo
Publicity Manager
T 020 7845 5143
E o.houston-jibo@thameshudson.co.uk

Katie Balcombe
T 020 7845 5020
E k.balcombe@thameshudson.co.uk

Celeste Buckley
Press Office Coordinator
T 020 7845 5022
E c.buckley@thameshudson.co.uk

International Press
E internationalpress@thameshudson.co.uk


Laurence Harvie
Marketing & Communications Director
T 0207 845 5145
E l.harvie@thameshudson.co.uk

Anna Kenning
Marketing Executive
T 0207 845 5021
E a.kenning@thameshudson.co.uk

Toby Brunt
Digital Marketing Executive
T 0207 845 5009
E t.brunt@thameshudson.co.uk

Angela Won-Yin Mak
Art Direction – Marketing
T 0207 845 5132
E a.mak@thameshudson.co.uk