The Manufacturing Guides Series

Essential new resources which explore innovative production techniques and materials. Clearly presented and precisely targeted with step-by-step case studies tailored to the needs of design students, including full technical descriptions, typical applications, design opportunities, costs, speed and environmental impacts.

Graphics and Packaging Production
  • Flexibound with flaps
With some 400 specially commissioned photographs and technical illustrations, it describes more than 35 manufacturing processes, from the traditional and long-established to cutting-edge technologies.

Product and Furniture Design
  • Flexibound PLC with flaps (no jacket)
Very successfully pulls off what it sets out to achieve –

Prototyping and Low-Volume Production
  • Flexibound PLC with flaps (no jacket)
The essential reference guide for students and professionals to creating prototypes, designs for low-volume production runs and designs

Sustainable Materials
  • Flexibound with flaps
Fully illustrated, with unparalleled information on both established and innovative materials and processes. Easily referenced parts – Materials, Processes and Lifecycle – are packed with practical information and in-depth analysis.