Thomas Girst - Author of \'The Duchamp Directory\'

Thomas Girst

Thomas Girst (b. 1971) has studied Art History, German Literature and American Studies at Hamburg and New York Universities. He holds a PhD in American Studies and has been Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group since 2003.

As a cultural correspondent, curator, publisher and academic lecturer, he has written widely on modern and contemporary art. Girst founded 'Die Aussenseite des Elementes' (1992–2003), an international yearly anthology of literature and art. In 1996, he archived the collection of Duchamp scholar Serge Stauffer at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Girst was editor in chief of 'Tout Fait: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal' (1999–2003) while he was research manager at Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould’s and Rhonda Roland Shearer’s Art Science Research Laboratory in New York.

His publications include 'Marcel Duchamp in Munich 1912' (2012), 'The Indefinite Duchamp' (2013), 'Art, Literature, and the Japanese American Internment Experience' (2014) and 'BMW Art' Cars (2014).