Richard Wagner
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Richard Wagner - Contents


1 Father of the Man: Paternity and Childhood 
2 Learning the Craft: Youthful Apprenticeship 
3 Earning his Keep: First Professional Appointments 
4 Under the Yoke: Kapellmeister in Dresden 
5 The Eternal Wanderer: Der fliegende Holländer 
6 Desperately Seeking Venus: Tannhäuser 
7 Swansong to Traditional Opera: Lohengrin 
8 Revolutionary Road: Uprising in Dresden 
9 The Zurich Years: Wagner’s Exile in Switzerland 
10 The Rise and Fall of Valhalla: Der Ring des Nibelungen 
11 ‘Most Excellent Friend’: Franz Liszt 
12 Muses, Mistresses and Mother-Figures: Wagner’s Women 
13 The Behemoth of Bayreuth: Wagner’s Personality 
14 Always Short: Wagner and Money 
15 In the Pink: The Role of Silks and Satins in Wagner’s Life 
16 ‘My Adored and Angelic Friend’: Ludwig II 
17 Fatal Attraction: Tristan und Isolde 
18 ‘Art is What Matters Here’: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg 
19 Grit in the Oyster: The Role of Anti-Semitism in Wagner’s Life and Work 
20 Creative Spark: Sources of Inspiration in Wagner’s Work 
21 The Silent Sufferer: Cosima Wagner 
22 Tribschen Idyll: The Lucerne Years 
23 A Home for the Gods: The Bayreuth Project 
24 Wagner’s Last Card: Parsifal 
25 Death in Venice: The Events of Wagner’s Last Days 
26 Perfect and Imperfect Wagnerites: The Spread of the Wagner Cult 
27 Panning for Gold: Wagner and Cinema 
28 Swastikas Over Bayreuth: Wagner and the Third Reich 
29 Regime Change: The Grandsons Usher In the Era of New Bayreuth 
30 Renewing the Legacy: Bayreuth Today and in the Future 

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