The Illustrated Natural History of Selborne

The Illustrated Natural History of Selborne

  1. Gilbert White
  2. Introduction by June E. Chatfield
  • ISBN 9780500284780
  • 22.00 x 15.50 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 256pp
  • 124 Illustrations, 124 in colour
  • First published 2004
‘… a bibliographic treat, both editorially and pictorially … a book of authority and charm’ – House & Garden
‘Would make the perfect seasonal gift for anyone who wants to shake off the winter blues and stray out into the spring fields and woods’ – The Independent

More than two centuries after its first publication, this pioneering work still makes essential reading for naturalists, ecologists, conservationists and lovers of English literature and the English countryside.

Almost three hundred editions and reissues of The Natural History of Selborne testify to its the lasting and universal appeal, but none before has been so beautifully and fittingly illustrated.

Gilbert White’s painstaking study of the fauna and flora of his native parish, Selborne in Hampshire, first appeared in 1789 and has delighted and inspired generations of readers ever since. His regular correspondence, beginning in 1767, with two distinguished naturalists forms the basis of The Natural History of Selborne, which was published in the form of his letters to them.

The fascination of the book lies in the magic of its prose and the vividness of its description, which have earned it the distinction of being the only work on natural history to have received equal acclaim as a masterpiece of English literature.

To complement the text, 124 colour plates have been faithfully reproduced from the hand-coloured engravings of Gilbert White’s contemporaries, giving an invaluable extra dimension to this most captivating of books.

Gilbert White was born in 1720 in Selborne. and died there in 1793. His old home opened as a museum in 1955.